Prosperity Lane was born out of a casual chat over Philz Coffee in Los Gatos, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, between, two good friends Kimberly Daily and Holly Hansen.
Kimberly was sharing with Holly how a decade ago, she had a business helping homeowners pay off their mortgages faster using a little known strategy she had learned when studying Finance in College.

Buzzing from all the caffeine, soon the conversation turned to how this was a solution all homeowners need today. But quickly they decided in order to make the biggest impact, they decided to focus on empowering all kinds of Money Advisors to sell this to their clients. A real win win for everyone – Helping the Advisor gets paid and Homeowner saves a ton on mortgage payments.

…. This is how Prosperity Lane came to be.


We’d love to answer your questions and help you get set up so you can start selling Mortgage Xcelerator Reports asap


Co-Founder, CEO

Having received a Finance and Accounting degree from DePaul University, Kimberly has always been drawn toward making smart investments with money. She continued to build her investment savvy credentials on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, where she managed millions of dollars of transactions.

When the housing market was hot, she was busy making over a million dollars anually creating the same reports for individual consumers, that we have now turned into the Mortgage Xcelerator Report generating tool. It used to take her hours to generate hese reports for consumers, but with this new tool, our members can make custom reports in minutes.

She believes in this solution so much she and her husband are currently using it on their own home mortgage


Co-Founder, COO

Holly became a powerhouse subject matter expert on website experiences from her time and experiences doing product and program management experiences at Wells Fargo, Transamerica, eBay, Symantec, HP, Realtor.com and Adobe. She graduated from CSUSB with a degree in Business and Marketing and received additional certifications through The Association of International Product Marketing and Management, as well as International Coaches Academy.

Everyone will tell you that Holly cares passionately about how things look, how things feel and the overall experience. When she when she looks at websites, she cares a great deal about the quality of the look, the flow, the experience. And she brings this passion for detail to Prosperity Lane.

When she first met Kimberly, she knew they would be friends for life, she just didn’t know that they would end up going into business together.


Technology and Architecture Advisor

She is the proud Co-Founder and CEO of ACTIONspot and ProstoLabs LLC

ACTIONspot a co-working community and startup incubator in the heart of Silicon Valley. We help entrepreneurs by connecting them with the resources, funding, talent, and advisors they need to succeed and thrive.

She is also a passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs all around the world.

You can learn more about ACTIONSPOT at: ​