Legal Page


PROSPERITY LANE, INC. and its subsidiaries and affiliated entities have adopted guidelines, procedures, rules and regulations (“guidelines”) designed to provide for the use of our PROSPERITY LANE members.

These guidelines apply to membership usage, which includes your access to our online membership website, mobile, or interactive offerings or websites. They also apply to Prosperity Lane programs, training, events or other Prosperity Lane sponsored activities online or offline.

In some instances, governmental laws may establish different requirements applicable to usage of the Xcelerator reports that may not be outlined here. To the extent of a conflict with other guidelines, the more restrictive guideline applies.

If you violate any of these guidelines, your membership access may be suspended or terminated. Members are responsible for their actions and the actions of their family and guests when representing the Xcelerator reports to their clients. Should damage arise—whether property or personal injury—you are liable for all resultant costs. Our decision on all questions regarding construction or interpretation of these guidelines is final.

We may change these guidelines at any time without notice at our sole discretion. You may find the most recent version of these guidelines at As a member of the Prosperity Lane, you are responsible to review and comply with these guidelines at all times. For questions, please contact us using the contact us form on

The Member expressly agrees that all usage and selling of Xcelerator Reports are undertaken by the member or member’s guest at his/her sole risk.


PROSPERITY LANE offers the following types of XCELERATOR REPORT membership access tiers that are subject to change from time to time in the sole discretion of PROSPERITY LANE.


All members have a membership tier. A membership tier is defined as the number of reports a member may generate within the fiscal month.


Members must be 18 years of age or older


This membership entitles the holder to access the membership portion of, access to Prosperity Lane Member Support, and participate in all public and private training, and resources available to all Prosperity Lane Members



Prosperity Lane Business Office staff is available to answer your questions regarding your membership and billing matters during business hours, 9:00 am–5:00 pm PST Monday through Friday.


In addition, as an added convenience, you can manage your account online through . Logging in as a member allows you to:

-Request Reports to Be Created
-Change your account information
-Update billing information
-Upgrade or cancel your membership
-View Training and Marketing Strategies

Members may pay their monthly membership fees, automatic payment through the details they set up for their billing


Prosperity Lane shall, from time to time, determine the amount and the terms of payment of dues. The obligation to pay dues is not dependent on the availability of the
If the website is down and you need a report created, contact customer support and they will do their best to assist you.


A membership change occurs when there is any change in membership tier. All membership changes will be effective the first of the following month.


To Cancel your Membership – can be done one of two ways, 1) Notifying the Business Office 2) Or Log into and cancel your membership in the Account Section. Cancellation will be effective immediately – and upon logging out you will lose access to all the features and benefits of the Membership.


Prosperity Lane reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership if the member(s) fail to comply with any rules and regulations adopted by Prosperity Lane—or for any unethical conduct Prosperity Lane determines to be improper, or in any way not in the best interest of the Prosperity Lane.


Since Membership is Month to Month, our policy is No Refunds. But you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time.


Any individual or group not formally associated with Prosperity Lane is not authorized to use any of the features and benefits of Prosperity Lane, nor use the name Prosperity Lane or Xcelerator report, nor represent themselves as being part of Prosperity Lane without getting explicit and written permission to do so from Prosperity Lane Inc.

Instruction is not permitted by any individuals other than authorized PROSPERITY LANE teaching staff.


Prosperity Lane Always strives to represent and make business decisions based on core Ethical, and we encourage our Members also follow these values as well values

1. HONESTY. Honest and truthful in all their dealings and they do not deliberately mislead or deceive others by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truths, selective omissions, or any other means.

2. INTEGRITY. Demonstrate personal integrity and the courage of their convictions by doing what they think is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise; they are principled, honorable and upright; They will not sacrifice principle for expediency, be hypocritical, or unscrupulous.

3. PROMISE-KEEPING & TRUSTWORTHINESS. Candid and forthcoming in supplying relevant information and correcting misapprehensions of fact, and they make every reasonable effort to fulfill the letter and spirit of their promises and commitments. They do not interpret agreements in an unreasonably technical or legalistic manner in order to rationalize non-compliance or create justifications for escaping their commitments.

4. FAIRNESS. Fair and just in all dealings; they do not exercise power arbitrarily, and do not use overreaching nor indecent means to gain or maintain any advantage nor take undue advantage of another’s mistakes or difficulties. Fair persons manifest a commitment to justice, the equal treatment of individuals, tolerance for and acceptance of diversity, they are open-minded; they are willing to admit they are wrong and, where appropriate, change their positions and beliefs.

5. CONCERN FOR OTHERS. Caring, compassionate, benevolent and kind; they like the Golden Rule, help those in need, and seek to accomplish their business objectives in a manner that causes the least harm and the greatest positive good.

6. RESPECT FOR OTHERS. Ethical executives demonstrate respect for the human dignity, autonomy, privacy, rights, and interests of all those who have a stake in their decisions; they are courteous and treat all people with equal respect and dignity regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race or national origin.

7. LAW ABIDING. Abide by laws, rules and regulations relating to their business activities.

8. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE. Pursue excellence in performing their duties, are well informed and prepared, and constantly endeavor to increase their proficiency in all areas of responsibility.

9. REPUTATION AND MORALE. Seek to protect and build the company’s good reputation and the morale of its employees by engaging in no conduct that might undermine respect and by taking whatever actions are necessary to correct or prevent the inappropriate conduct of others.

10. ACCOUNTABILITY. Acknowledge and accept personal accountability for the ethical quality of their decisions and omissions to themselves, their colleagues, their companies, and their communities.